#Inside the Game Weekw/Hoover Coach Josh Niblett: Playoff Edition vs. Shades Valley

bannerlogo  Inside the Game Week w/ Motivational speaker/Coach Josh Niblett. This week the Bucs are set to welcome in Shades Valley in the 2nd round of the Playoffs. We look back at the 1st round match up against Huntsville.

Playoff 1st Round Recap: Hoover rolls over Huntsville 41-7

(CJN): First off, we have a lot of respect for who we play Huntsville was a very good team. I was very proud of the way we played.Everybody had a good night and played good sound football.

(CJN): Defense: I felt we played well defensively, our coaches had a great gameplan and stuck with it and it showed against Huntsville

(CJN): Offense: I felt good about the run game and our ability to run against this team. We try to be balanced, but it helps when you can run the ball well.

 Hoovervs.Shades%20Valley Scouting Report: Hoover-Shades Valley

(CJN) SV: Coach smith has a really good team. He came in and changed the mentality of that football team and they really play well. We know they are a good football team and we will expect their best no doubt about that.

SV: Offense: They score on average about 40 points a game so they offense can really score at will at times. They have a running back that played wide receiver and he can is a great player. He has over 200 all purpose yards so he really can do everything for them. The Quarterback is a dual threat have to be conscience of his ability and what he can do.

SV: Defense: They have a highly recruited defensive lineman he’s a big guy. He will play inside.They are going to try to create turnovers because they have been good with that this year.

Hoover: We just have to come in be balanced, we know we are facing a good team. we have to not play behind the chains and help our self out.

# Quote of the Week: You have to be honest with yourself.- Josh Niblett

Playoff Snap shot: Hoover:  Head Coach: Josh Niblett-  record (10-0/ 7-0) Playoff 2013 record 1-0 .  Shades Valley: Head Coach: William F. Smith- record (10-1/6-1) Playoff 2013 record 1-0.

121112naialunch5 #Men of Will by Motivational Speaker; Josh Niblett     What Being a Champion Means

(CJN):  What does it take to be a champion means you have to be honest with yourself and your relationship with Christ. Being a champion alone is not going to save us. But living life the right way. Seeking God’s word and His spiritual greatness through prayer and putting it into action is what a true champion is all about.


Inside the Game Week w/Josh Niblett  Inside the Game w/Hoover Coach Josh Niblett  is a GameOn Production in partnership with Live 1 Media.


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