#Inside the Game Week w/Hoover Coach Josh Niblett:Quarterfinal vs. Florence

bannerlogo Inside the Game Week w/ Motivational speaker/Coach Josh Niblett. This week the Bucs travel to   Florence  in the Quarterfinal round. We look back at the 2nd Round matchup  against Shades Valley.

2nd Round Matchup Recap vs. Shades Valley (33-14 Hoover)

(CJN): Fighting and scratching and clawing and at the end of the game you have to be one point better than them.We played well and we work hard to stay focus on being 1-0.

Defense came up big  with two big stops for us and instead of giving up 14 against our defense we just gave up 3. We challenged our team at the half we they responded scoring 3 times in the 2nd half.Our special team coverage looked betterand I saw some improvement in that area that we can take into the next game.

Scoring recap 10-3 half. 33-14 Final.

Scouting Report Hoover- FlorenceHoovervs.Florence

(CJN):Florence- I don’t know how much we learned from watching them on tape from a Jamboree game we did early this year. But what you look for is have their personnel changed and if their plays have changed since then but not much you can get other than that. We have experience traveling to Florence, we are familiar with that environment so nothing else left to do but to play.

Florence is a special talent. They have a great quarterback in (Doss)  They understand what they are doing and what they are playing for. Coach (Dubose) is a familiar with playing big games and he will have them ready.

Hoover- We had some penalties I want to see us clean up going into this game. I told our guys nobody has seen us play our best game yet. Not even us.We want to make it about us, and not let circumstances dictate our outcome. We want to stay out of 3rd and long we don’t need to play behind the chains, we want to play in front of the sticks. We have had some games where we have thrown the ball well and have been a balanced offense so we want to get back to that point. In our “Wefense “we don’t want to give up the big return, we want to flip the field position in our favor. (Brad’rick Shaw) is a  down hill guy and brings a lot of strength apart of like a four headed monster and they all bring different things to the table (Jackson) is also a big part of that backfield.

#Quote of the Week:  When the bell sounds, don’t be over confident but answer the bell. -Josh Niblett

Snap Shot Profile:  Hoover vs. Florence  Hoover: Josh Niblett 12-0/7-0) 2013 Playoff Record 2-0) Last win for Hoover: 2013 2nd Round Playoffs against Shades Valley 33-14. Hoover series against Florence 3-0. Hoover 14-3 3Rd Round Games.

Florence: Jamey DuBose: 9-3/6-1) 2013 Playoff Record 2-0) Florence series against Hoover 0-3. Last game against Hoover 31-28 Hoover in 2007. Last win for Florence: Clay-Chalkville 37-30 in  2013 2nd Rd of Playoffs. Florence 0-0 in 3rd Round Games.

Player to Watch: Tuck Borrie- Punter: (CJN): Borrie works hard. He has a strong passion for what he does. He is a special weapon and I can’t say enough about Tuck. He his hang time is a plus and it allows us to stay in our lane on “Wefense” and defensively it helps out with the field position so it gives and advantage.

121112naialunch5  ##Men of Will by Motivational Speaker; Josh Niblett  Do you want to be a Champion or Chump

(CJN): We talked about not worrying and how God doesn’t want us to worry about things. we go back to the message of God says if the birds don’t have to worry about storing their foods in barns or planting food but yet they still eat then the same way I care for them I will care for you. It’s  important to not worry about tomorrow, today has enough trouble of its own.  I told them a lot of times a young kids we worry about things we don’t need to worry about. Let God take care of us. If we do that things will be better.

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